Our Supplement

Equivalift is our all natural health supplement which includes a blend of 27 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Equivalift was primarily formulated to help meet daily nutritional requirements. While other benefits include:

  •  Helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

  •  Helps promote digestion for improved colon health.

  •  Provides a natural source of energy

  •  Adds a boost in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Through our research, testing and grouping of complimentary ingredients, our proprietary blend for each one of our ten capsules have been refined to maximize benefits. Each pouch consist of 8 capsules to be taken daily. 

Our aim with our supplement is to help re-balance the body to create an environment within that promotes health rather than simply taming diseases. A body that finds itself too acidic is only asking for trouble. In such an environment our body is kept from operating at its optimal level which can lead to mood swings, foggy thinking, reduced appetite, sluggishness just to name a few symptoms. Perhaps more importantly, we are contributing to our own daily stress with the choices we make on a daily basis. When we naturally feel good we make healthier choices.

Our hope is that with the benefits experienced in taking these supplements, others will be encouraged to continue making healthier choices.

We take great pride in the quality of our supplements which contains no additives, animal products, preservatives or chemicals. 



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